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Grow with Life's Challenges

Compassion, Curiosity, and Change


Couples Counseling

Find a New Way

Couples who seek my aid have often tried many things, and it still doesn't seem to be working.  Perhaps you are struggling with a breach of trust, ongoing arguments, lack of communication, parenting challenges, diminished sex life or some other crisis.  


My work with couples is a combination of building practical skills and deepening intimacy.  Some of the work we do in session includes utilizing your strengths as individuals to support the relationship, learning and practicing honest and assertive communication, working through past hurts in order have the closeness now, strengthening  agreements and partnership, working through issues related to parenting and blended families.

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Individual Counseling

Help for Your Life

The decision to reach out for counseling is different for everyone, but it is often because something is not working or is overwhelming.  It can be a struggle with emotions everyday, an old something that continues to be bothersome, relationships not being what was imagined, or a crisis that is just overwhelming.  Whatever the reason that makes a person search out the assistance of therapy, counseling can often help with confusion and pain.

I model compassionate curiosity about emotions and changes sought. This path starts with taking a step back and looking at yourself and your relationships with a birds-eye view.  Curiosity is viewing without judgement and compassion is seeing what is there with appreciation, empathy and understanding.  Once you actually see what is there within yourself, you can decide how you want to have a relationship with it--what parts to re-member, and what parts to respectfully let go.  Through undergoing this process, you strengthen your foundation and ready yourself to receive respect and meaningful, supportive relationships.


Life has an amazing, unpredictable way of forcing us to change, course correct, and find the deepest strength within ourselves. You are the expert on your own life, and the insight and wisdom you need is inside of you.  My counseling combines resource building and education, with listening, re-imagining, and practical problem-solving to help you find your way through this particular difficult moment, and to integrate your life experiences.

My work with individuals is with teens and adults, and can be both short-term or long term in nature.


Family Counseling Services


Families can struggle with connection and communication well beyond the years when the kids are young.  Events, addiction, experiences of abuse, divorce, and major loss have great impact on the familial fabric and leaves scars for a generation and beyond.  Families who have experienced these sorts of rifts many times want to find a way to stay in relationship with one another, but in a healthy, emotionally safe way.

I work with both families and teens together, and adults in familial relationships.  Families who seek me out may find themselves living together after years apart, or plagued by events or losses from the past that impact their ability to connect in a satisfying way now.  Families also seek assistance with transitions, especially as teens become adults.  Counseling with me focuses on learning effective and clear communication, understanding and empathizing with past hurts, forging new boundaries with one another, and making agreements that everyone feels is fair. 

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